Truth #1:
Mental health is at an all time low

Truth #2:
Your business will only grow to the extent that your people grow

Truth #3:
When you equip yourself and your team with tools to support their mental fitness, everyone wins

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Hi! I’m Angie Alexander!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m a Professional Engineer with over 20-years of oil & gas experience. While I enjoyed the technical work of engineering, I was often brought in to facilitate team meetings. I was often the “go to” person to assist multi-discipline teams to unravel and solve complex technical & business problems.

This passion for unlocking the potential in people led me to launch my business as an executive coach, facilitator, and consultant.

Through my corporate workshops, Mental Fitness Bootcamp, and coaching programs, I’ve been equipping executives, professionals, and technical teams to rise above their circumstances, grow their Positive Intelligence “muscle”, and bring their best selves to work.

As this pandemic has dragged on, we have all watched people in our industry really struggle.

The word that can describe this pattern of behaviour is “languish”. Languish is somewhere between depression and flourishing.  It’s a space of “meh” and it’s taking its toll on individuals and businesses.


Question: Where do you and your team sit on the "meh" scale? 

The reality is that mental fitness is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Let’s work together to help your people shift from "meh" to motivated!


I would love to share with you what is arguably the most effective tool that has engaged organizations in silicon valley to unlock innovation and creativity, and how this tool can help your team become resilient and overcome life’s circumstances.

Please use the link below to book a time with me to discuss how to light the spark in your people!